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Ambulance Cleaning Disinfection Station

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Ambulance Cleaning Disinfection Station

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Qingdao PARU environmental technology Co., Ltd PARU ambulance cleaning disinfection station:
Ambulance cleaning disinfection station is combined with the automatic chassis disinfection system and automatic car body cleaning and disinfection ***** can control equipment set automatically through a set of PLC control ***** is of the functions which are the automatic disinfectant ratio and decontamatination wastewater treatment for recycling.So it can carry on a set of work efficiently and quickly for the vehicles, such as the cleaning , disinfection, etc.
Set the electric rolling gate at the vehicle’s entrance to control the vehicle’s going into .When the system meet the conditions to start, the electric rooing gate will ***** the vehicle can run into the decontamination channel slowly and carry on the decontamination work.When the rear of the vehicle pass by, the door will close again.
When the vehicle entry into the vehicle chassis wheel’s decontamination system, go through the automatic test, the decontamination machine start the decontamination system to carry on the decontamination treatment for the vehicle’s chassis and tire.At the same time , the wastewater which the decontamination machine produced will go into the wastewater treatment ***** can use again after the ***** add the water and change the water regularly, you can save a lot of water resources and prevent the secondary pollution at the same time .
At the front of the ambulance’s decontamination channel set a group of top high pressure pump decontamination system, can swing from side to side to carry on the decontamination about the vehicle’s front windshield, roof plate and tail ***** large side brushes can carry brushing work safely on both side’s of car body’s surface through the pressure testing .Decontamination wastewater can reuse after cycling in the wastewater treatment system.(not standard, pls indicate when ordering)
Set two manual high pressure hairdryer at exit to carry on the air-dry treatment for the vehicle’s outside.(not standard, pls indicate when ordering)
The ambulance decontamination channel have the automatic and manual control functions and perfect sound light alarm handling and emergency stop ***** configuration of coloured LCD touch screen can supply all chinese man-machine converation interface, parametres setting and equipment control.Also can show the operating parametres and alarm ***** is of the sensor and actuators with auto-diagnostic functions.So can record automatically about the number of the day car washing and the total number of car washing .
The machine include the host, cleaning device, controlling devie, alarm device, protection device, air disinfection setting , wastewater recycling system, electric rolling gare , the random spare parts and the related facilities.
Adopt the tandem type combining decontamination.When the vehicle pass by itself, there is no pause interval.So save the decontamination time and improve the efficiency for the ambulance ***** is the mordern ideal matching equipments for automatic car washing and disinfection.
 Product introduction:
PR-100T automatic ambulance decontamination channel equipment is speciallly disigned for the decontamination ambulance vehicle’s body tire and ***** equipment can finish automatically about the wasing , the disinfection and the sewage .The decontamination water could be ***** method is only to add a small amout of water when working.So can save a large number of water resource and avoid the secondary pollution at the same time.
The main electricity and gas components of the equipment are the original parts imported from well-known manufacturers, such as German, Japan, France, ***** operating is stable and reliable.
 Product features:
Full automatic decontamination ambulance vehicle’s chassis and tires solve the virus cross-infection completely and the vehicles pollution on the road.
The ambulance vehicle can pass by ***** is no pausing time.
Automatic sewage treatment reduce the strengt of the manual operation.
Clean the water for recycling and save the water resources maximum.
Can apply to the first aid centre, hospital, natural disasters relief treatment.
 The working methods and capabicity about the ambulance decontamination channel equipment:
1. The machine is controlled by the operation panel .It senses the vehicle’s entrance and exit .It clean and disinfection the vehicles body for the six sides, such as up, down, ***** and rear .
2. The cleaning method is channel tyle .The driver drive the vehicle to pass thouth slowly.
3. The decontamination equipment’s control tower is setted in the control room.So operate ***** staff can monitor the car wasing situation all the ***** wind and weather outdoor.
4. You can choose and match the remote control device in order to control on the spot conveniently outdoor for the start and stop of the automatic decontamination equipment.
5. When failure, the machine can display the fault conditions and exclusion methods.
 Body construction
1. The framework and the main structure of the ambulance decontamination channel equipment adopt the whole hot-dip zinc and preservative treatment steel ***** front adopt the stainless steel material for coating and plastic and steel door ***** appearance is beautiful and generous.
2. The side of the decontamination channel set shield in order to prevent the water from sputtering out when washing.
3. The ambulance decontamination channel can spray cleaning with the disinfectant according to your requires.
 The users should equip with the power AC 380V 12 KW one each and the water source one each for the ambulance decontamination channel.
 Technology parametres:
Order number Item parametres
1 Applicable vehicle models A variety of ambulance
2 Cleaning size (mm) 6000 length ײ600 width ײ800 height
3 Cleaning choice Ordinary washing 、dicinfectant
4 Cleaning method Channel method (brushing 、high pressure water brushing )
6 Operation method Automatic control 、manual control
7 Cleaning ability Pass by itself
8 Installed total capacity 12Kw
9 The use of water 50L per vehicle
11 Equipment size (mm) 10000 length ׳000 width ׳600 height
13 The power 380V 50Hz

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